Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of pathology.

  • Pathology is the study of conditions. It includes the study of the causes, course and progression and the complications that arise from the complaint.
  •  Anatomic pathology, or histopathology, discusses to the learning of the structural and compositional changes that do in organs and apkins as a result of complaint.
  •  A pathologist is a croaker trained in anatomic pathology that examines, describes and interprets pathological samples to arrive at a specific finding or opinion.

                   Skin diseases end to end with infections, chronic and neoplastic diseases. Dermatopathology encompasses the miniscule examination, description and interpretation of analytical assay specimens obtained from the skin. A dermato-pathologist executes a successions of microscopic observations to detect the actual disease. Elucidation of skin cases is difficult as several inflammatory skin diseases share identical basic inflammatory method or pattern. The definitive identification needs clinical input and clinicopathological correlation. In some cases, extra focussed testing must be done on biopsies, as well as technique, assay, microscopy, flow cytometry, and molecular-pathologic analysis.

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